Ouroboros, The Cycle of Life

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Today I have the pleasure of revealing a project which means a lot to me. It is called Ouroboros, and it is the depiction of the cycle of life. It represents the beginning of life, and the end, with time in between. This is the journey that each and every one of us has to follow. In this project I have tried to give shape to the saying that life and death walk hand in hand, and the fact that wherever there is life, there is also death.

In this sculpture, I have chosen the deity Gaia, mother of Earth and all forms of life within it, as the personification of life. Gaia is also representing fertility through her pregnant state, and she is also representing the very beginning of life. The cherubs symbolize children and together with the goddess they represent mother hood. The cherub on the top right can also be seen pouring water, which is another symbol and source of life. Finally another symbol of life and plenty is the basket of fruit which the goddess is carrying on her side.

Opposite Gaea is Death, who is personified as the Grim Reaper, carried by a ghastly cloak which is shape shifting into two nightmare steeds which represent the fear of death in the living. Death can be seen carrying the iconic scythe by which he reaps the living and the book of the dead wherein he lists the day in which each and every person has to die. A number of human figures can be seen on the bottom part of the cloak. These represent the dying, desperately reaching out trying hopelessly to cling to life, trying to move away from death and the dead who peacefully drift towards the Reaper. Death is not evil in this sculpture, death is an unavoidable circumstance!


Both figures are connected to one another by an hour glass symbolising the life of an individual, the days on Earth, and the experiences an individual experiences in the time s/he is given between life and death. The way the figures are placing their hands on the hour glass also has a meaning. Gaia holds her hand on top of the

hour glass, just as if she is dropping the sands of time, symbolising the start of life, whilst Death has his hand on the bottom, collecting the sands symbolising the end. Just like the sands of time move from the top to the bottom of an hour glass so is the motion between life and death.

All of this is Ouroboros – The Cycle of Life, hope you like it as much as I do.

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