Varkai is back and better than ever before !

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It is finally back and this time it is even meaner than its first incarnation! The Varkai, one of our earliest best sellers, is the first in a series of upgrades which will we shall be applying to discontinued sculpts.

The kit remained true to its original version; in fact the model maintains its original pose. However it has a number of upgrades, some evident whilst others less, which give the model the title of eye candy! But let’s go through the changes which have been applied to the model. The most evident are the inclusion of a scenic base which takes the dual role of gaming and/or display base and a new set of wings which make the Varkai look angrier and more vicious than ever before! The more evident additions after the base and wings are the series of spikes and chains which decorate the beast like grisly jewelry and/or trophies from past battles. These new additions will be produced in a way to make them optional (yupp we are slowly introducing options :O) and can be placed in different parts of the model, like for example the base, or not at all (the model looks just as mean without them ;)). Other changes to the model include an upgraded belt of skulls and an elevated level of detail throughout the model.

And last but not least, the most important change of all, and the one many of you would be interested in is its price! The model will be sold for the price of *drumroll* EUR 55. Yes the only thing which remains unchanged is the model’s price which we believe was already reasonable as it was and now it is almost a steal!

We hope you like the changes made to this model as much as we do!

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