About Us

Blood Keep Miniatures is an initiative based in Malta (Europe) dealing mainly with the production of Fantasy and Science Fiction Miniatures for use in table top war-gaming and/or role playing settings. The collaboration of three individuals with the passion for tabletop gaming in its various shapes and forms led to the manifestation of a life-long dream to see a more personal approach to war-gaming and role playing.

Our main aim is the production of original miniatures using 3D sculpting techniques and high quality SLA 3D printing technology. All the designs and miniatures are produced in-house by the Founders who have made it their mission to produce high quality, dynamic miniatures with innovative designs.

At Blood Keep Miniatures, we aim to provide the best service to our customers at reasonable prices. Being table-top gaming and miniature enthusiasts ourselves, we not only have a good understanding of the Market but more importantly we are in a better position to understand needs of our customers.