Our Product

At Blood Keep Miniatures we produce high quality, Fantasy and Science Fiction Miniatures using only high quality polyurethane resin which does not shrink under pressure, and is therefore able to capture the finest of details. Being Miniature enthusiasts our selves we understand the importance this has and therefore do our utmost to offer only the best quality to our customers.

Our miniatures are created through a 3D sculpting process, during which special focus is placed on the detail and the pose. Miniatures are then printed using SLA 3D printing technology and then cast manually and individually. Parts are checked for any damage from air bubbles etc before these are considered suitable for sale.

Working With Resin Miniatures

Before you start assembling resin models make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions.

1 Safety glasses – These need to be worn as chips tend to fly when clipped.

2 Dust masks – Resin dust is harmful and unpleasant when sanding or drilling. For this reason it is important to always wear a Dust Mask. When performing such tasks avoid closed rooms, always allow for a good dose of ventilation.

3 Hobby knives (and similar sharp objects) these need to be should be sharp as dull, chipped or broken blade require more force to perform the cutting safely. This however means that they are more dangerous and greater care needs to be taken when working with them. Always use a cutting mat placed on a stable surface to chop or slice and always cut away from your body

We do our best to try and have perfect fittings for our miniatures but some cleaning may be needed.

During the Miniature production process, pouring holes and air vents are applied to the mold in order to create the miniature.
Some of these may be still attached to the model. To remove them,simply cut the unwanted pieces using a hobby saw, sharp hobby knife, or clippers and then sand down the remaining parts to assure a clean flat surface.

After cleaning the different parts, you can start assembling your miniatures. Miniatures are assembled using super glue. A good quality super glue is a must to bond the parts together ( you can also use a superglue activator to achieve instant bonds)

Some parts may need pinning to ensure a sturdier assembly. Pinning is done by drilling a hole on each end of the parts you want to put together, and then inserting a pin between both ends prior to glueing. In this case a hobby drill and pins (such as paper clips) will be needed.

Our miniatures are created through a process known as pressure casting. This is used to ensure that no air bubbles are present in our final product but occasionally a small air bubble may be present. These can be easily repaired using modelling putties or epoxy fillers. The same can be done for unwanted spaces between parts or when you accidentally damage the model while cleaning.
Before you start priming your miniature you should wash it in warm soapy water to ensure it is clean from any solvents used in the molding and casting process
Last but not least before you start with your painting prime the model with a good quality aerosol primer.