Hello dear Customers,

This is Charles Agius, co-founder and sculptor of Blood Keep Miniatures and today I have an announcement to make. As of today, the Blood Keep Miniatures Store will be closed until further notice. This does not mean that we will be shutting down the company but rather regrouping to devise a plan to grow it further.

As you may know, so far all the BKM products where done in house from design to finish using a mix of 3D sculpting and printing and traditional casting techniques. Due to the increase in demand I feel we are no longer capable to deal efficiently with the in-house production of our miniatures and are therefore looking to outsource this in order to focus more on the design and sculpting aspects.

So far, all of BKM products have been individually cast in-house using traditional casting techniques and I was in charge of both the sculpting and the production processes this however took a lot of time and held me, and the company, back from releasing new material.

Moreover, since the opening of Blood Keep Miniatures, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of miniature companies for whom I did a number of sculpts on commission. This made me realise further how a change in the way BKM operates is needed in order to ensure a better overall service.
The decision to temporarily close the web store was not an easy one, however knowing that this is for the improvement of the company and the final service to you is reassuring and gives me the strength to move forward with it!

Charles Agius
For the BKM team

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